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About Our Work

Helping Hands Organisation / About Our Work

A Helping Hand for one; A Helping Hand for all

Helping Hands Organisation (H2O), is a not-for-profit based out of Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. Focussing on underprivileged children with Autism and other Learning and Behavioural differences, H2O invests itself  in their rehabilitation, therapy, skills development and independence, while also raising awareness among parents, members of rural governance and the society.

Apart from its focus on disability, H2O takes interest in holistic development and intervention in the society. In line with this intention, the organisation also works with underprivileged children to support them with their education and growth, provides palliative care for the elderly poor, as well as encourages youngsters to be the change in the world, via their social campaigns.

We at H2O believe that our volunteers are our biggest strengths. With over 12,000 youth volunteers across the state, and 2,500 active volunteers just within Thiruvananthapuram, it is them who has helped us sustain our vision for our children with disability, as well as our other programmes and campaigns. It is their work and intent that keeps our faith and hope for a future which is accessible, equal, and just.

The Journey so far…

H2O was founded in 2012 with a handful of children with Autism from the most economically backward backgrounds in Trivandrum. What started as a journey to reach out and help a few kids and their families, became a fully-functioning organisation addressing various factions of the society, to ensure that our children with disability are always surrounded by an aware and accepting present, and future.