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Our primary programme dedicated to underprivileged children with Autism and other learning and behavioural differences. With 72 registered beneficiaries – 52 of whom attend our centre everyday – our Daffodils programme is our central focus of work. Our children are educated and trained by skilled professionals and psychologists, are provided with regular therapies (as per individual needs), and are even trained vocationally to prepare them for their futures.


Pratheeksha is H2O’s initiative to create an atmosphere of holistic development for children who are underprivileged and come from unstable families.


Sanjeevani is Helping Hands Organisation’s (H2O) Elderly Care Programme, which began as one of H2O’s earliest programmes in 2012. In 2016, we started off with 45 beneficiaries and are now taking care of 38 elderly/bedridden people. 

Civic Awareness Drives

Children’s Movement for Civic Awareness (CMCA) is a programme that we conduct in collaboration with Bangalore based charity, after the same name. We tie-up with schools and begin CMCA clubs, where our civic tutors visit these students, once a week, to implement the CMCA syllabus that focusses on inculcating and encouraging conversations and active practical participation towards addressing socio-civic issues.


The campaign kick-started as an off-shoot of the CMCA programme, to educate and encourage children from schools to do good deeds regularly and understand its ripple impacts. Through the campaign, we encouraged children and youth from across Kerala, with a special focus on Idukki (post floods), to do acts – big and small – of change, and journal them on our Me The Change journals. Additionally we asked them to send us pictures of their work and its impact and collated them on our social media, under #MeTheChange. What began as a personal initiative to remind children to do good deeds in the schools of Trivandrum, became a movement over a span of few months. Today we have over 4040 stories of impact from children and young adults from the district of Idukki alone! And we continue seeing their positive effects in the communities where these participants took initiative.

Vocational Training Unit

As a part of our Daffodils programme, our Vocational Training department regularly recognises children and families who can be trained towards financial independence, whilst also supporting the sustenance of H2O.